Not waiting

Infertility is a journey that is filled with so much waiting. Waiting for doctor’s appointments, medical schedules, prescriptions, procedures, surgeries, retrievals, transfers, and waiting on all of the results in between…waiting on social workers, homestudies, paperwork, approvals and then waiting to be matched with a child or birth mother.  And of course always waiting on … Continue reading Not waiting

Holding on

I wanted to share with you all about a dream I had a couple nights ago. There is very little of this dream that I do remember, but one thing stood out to me and the moment I woke up, I knew I had to hold on to it. All I remember is that a woman … Continue reading Holding on

Thy will be done

Dear Friends, We have so much to say right now…yet have no words. This post was supposed to be a joyful announcement of God’s miraculous wonders, instead, it is one of heartbreak…. It all started in August 2015 when we seriously started pursuing Embryo Adoption/Donation.                      Embryo Adoption/Donation is when a … Continue reading Thy will be done

This Moment

We had so many lofty ideas about how amazing 2016 would be, but we have to say, that so far it has looked a lot different than we had anticipated.  We have already dealt with so many different stressors, that my usual steady resolve has morphed into some anxious creature that has threatened our peace. Miraculously, … Continue reading This Moment