Thy will be done

5 thoughts on “Thy will be done”

  1. Oh my sweet holly….my heart is breaking 💔 For you both:( this isn’t right or fair!! The tears I’ve shed for you two walking with you guys during this time!!! Know we are always and forever here for you guys. Please know our home is open to you guys any day if you just need to run away for a bit ❤️ Praying for Gods peace and comfort during this excruciatingly hard road that you are facing!! We love you both beyond measure!!!❤️


  2. I am so sorry for you two. Your journey is so.similar to my husbands and myself. Confusion was the greatest feeling I had too. Trusting Gods leading and direction, and feeling so helpless during the miscarriage process. Pleases know I will uphold you before the Father, and know He is still a Good Good Father. A year later there is not a day I dont think of my Sami, but joy will come again. Grieve, grieve, and grieve more, and when you can do nothing else just cry and breathe! You can email me if you would like.


  3. Holly,
    I’m so sorry to hear of this heartbreak & confusion that you are walking through with this loss of your child. Please know that my prayers of peace & comfort & strength & Hope are with you & Jeff. Jesus will make all things new & He is a good good father.


  4. Oh Holly and Jeff! My heart is broken along with yours at this news! Something that was right at your fingertips has been taken away! I know the devastation you are feeling and want you to know you both are in our thoughts and prayers – HUGS!! and PRAYERS!! Gloria


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